A Comprehensive Guide to Kinyarwanda by Arthur L. Hands

FINAL_Kinyarwanda_CoverA Comprehensive Guide to Kinyarwanda¬†by Arthur L. Hands is the second edition of a volume first written to serve the needs of English-speaking missionaries in 1952. This 2013 edition is a completely revised and expanded version of that 1952 edition which still retains the “flavor” of the first edition. The new eye-pleasing graphics and added color bring this book up to today’s standard for an attractive and quality text.

Published by GEM Resources International, copyright 2013, this 592 page volume includes a detailed table of contents as well as four appendixes containing paradigms, glossary of terms, bibliography, and a complete index. To view sample pages and/or errata, click on the following links: Contents, Publisher’s Foreword, For Our Rwandan Readers, Lesson 1, Lesson 8, Lesson 27, Lesson 51, Lesson 79, and from Part 4: Chapter 1 sample, Chapter 2 sample, Bibliography, and Errata.

Arthur HandsThe author, Arthur L. Hands, learned to fluently speak the Kinyarwanda of the 1950s, and that knowledge adds a classic touch to this second edition. His years of teaching experience, including the teaching of Kinyarwanda grammar to Rwandan college students, developed the skills that are now evident throughout the book and in the many new exercises that make up a substantial part of this practical and student-oriented text. As part of the team that translated portions of the Bible into Kinyarwanda, Hands brings the thoroughness and perfectionism of the scholar and the linguist’s love of language to this standard-setting work.

Proceeds from the sale of this book support medical and educational projects in Rwanda through GEM Resources International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation staffed by unpaid volunteers dedicated to improving the health and education of the disadvantaged in developing countries.

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